• Welcome Spring!

    The Old Wise Tail, “April Showers, bring May Flowers”, is absolutely true! Currently we are in mid-April and our annuals are full of vibrant colors and new growth! Come May, our perennials, fruit trees, and shrubs will be the same. This year, we are carrying new varieties of trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials! Roosevelt Trail… Continue reading

  • Welcome Plant Friends!

    Thank you so much for joining this journey of business blogging and plant journaling! There is so much in-store for those who want to become more educated on horticulture. There are so many questions to answer: What is an annual? What is a perennial? When do I water my outdoor plants? When do I water… Continue reading

  • Hello Planty Friends!

    Welcome to the Business Life of Plants! Plant journal and business blog for all those plant enthusiast people and those who want to gain a green thumb. Everyone is welcome! This page will be in association to Roosevelt Trail Garden Center (Windham, ME), from the wife/co-owner of the business! As a business owner, there are… Continue reading

About Me

Hello, my name is Marina Doherty and I am the co-owner of Roosevelt Trail Garden Center, located in Windham, Maine. We are a local Maine family, with dreams of being successful business owners. I, the wife, am the plant enthusiast and my husband is the muscles behind the operation. Teaching about plants, hosting events, sharing informational sources and sharing business life experiences, is the goal of this blog! Thank you for your support!